This Invisible Driver Prank On A Highway Using A Tesla Model S Will Give You A Laugh


The autonomous driving feature introduced by Tesla has opened a world of opportunities! People are mulling over the prospect of finally having a perfect traffic system and getting rid of the stress of driving by using AI for the purpose. But while there are many technological advances in sight as a result of this fantastic feature, some people are using this just for fun! The moral and safety issues with this are debatable, but the following video will surely put a grin on your face.

Here a much-renowned prankster going by the name of MagicOfRahat on YouTube tries to freak the living hell out of people as he camouflages himself as the colour of the seat. He does this while putting his Tesla on auto drive, thus making it look like no one is driving the car!

You can see people go berserk in the video, with reactions ranging from sheer amazement to utter shock. We also hear some people proclaim that the future is here, although it seems like they are not ready for it! Maybe using a skeleton or a dog next time will get even better reactions from the people.

How would you react if you ever saw a driver-less car speeding around on a highway?


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