This Internet Dumpster Fire Lets You Burn All Your Anger Away


A new website offers to burn all your anger and negativity away, and the cost you’d pay as service charges would be spent on a good cause.

Burning old painful memories has always brought peace in people’s lives, making it an old concept to get over things and unwanted people. The idea is somewhat similar to the Burn Book from mean girls, and it seems like taking us back to the ’90s.

The novel website has set up a mega dumpster fire, and you can throw all your rants and broken feelings into it for a perfect experience of catharsis.

Simple Rules To Be Followed

Getting over is quite a difficult thing, but not anymore. It is as simple as one can imagine it to be while using this platform to get rid of unwanted feelings.

Gizmodo explains it to be as straightforward as just sending an email to the website and seeing all that unwanted content burn to ashes ultimately. You need to follow the below-stated guidelines.

  • Draft an email with whatever you desire to burn, and send it to Remember that PG-13 rules apply.
  • You’d see your message being drafted on the website in the second step and then sent down to the rolling flames.
  • Experience Catharsis, let loose and gain inner peace.

After realizing that 2020 has been a real dumpster fire for almost everyone, this purifying experience came into existence. And people desire to get ahead of this dark year, hoping life to come back to normal shortly.

Send an email and purge your spirit

The website developers ask the real questions: Could a dumpster fire help you get the long-awaited relief you’ve been looking for? The description states, if you type out an email, press send, and see it being burnt in an actual dumpster fire, would it help restore a little bit of what we’ve lost? It is for you to find out.

The website is responsible for their acts and has made arrangements to offset by 3x every bit of CO2 created while burning your negativities and traumas via a Cool Effect. Hence need not worry as this won’t be adding up to worsen climate change. The website produces a win-win situation for all as it makes an effective crowd-funded platform to reduce worldwide carbon emissions while making your traumas go away.

So, you burn your enemies, haters, and bad thoughts to the ashes while helping a good cause: it can’t get any better.


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