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This Inmate Got Pronounced Dead Three Times By Doctors – And Woke Up Before His Autopsy

Being back from the dead is a phrase that is tossed around in metaphorical terms and is never thought to be literal in any way. However, an interesting turn of events left everyone in shock and amazement. The reason behind this incident is still unknown and there are multiple possibilities of deriving the explanations. The news is still being processed by the audience and people involved as it is one of its kind.

In a prison of Spain, three doctors declared an inmate dead. This inmate was in jail because of a robbery and when he was brought to the doctors from his cell, he was dead. Two other doctors carried out their examination as well and pronounced him dead.

The body was then taken into the morgue for his autopsy. The markings for the autopsy were also made so the body could be cut open and an investigation on his death be carried out as it had happened all of a sudden. Too much of their surprise, when the doctors were prepping for the autopsy, they heard snoring from the bag. When the bag was opened and the body examined, it was found out that the inmate was in fact alive.

This came as a shock for everyone. How could three doctors make the same mistake, one after the other? The inmate was 29 years old, Gonzalo Montoya Jiménez. He did not reply to the roll call in the morning on 7 January 2018. When his cell was inspected, he was found unresponsive. When taken to the doctors, they declared him, dead.

There are multiple speculations being made to explain what had happened. The inmate had complained of feeling unwell before that day. His body was also going purple with the condition cyanosis, making his ‘death’ more believable along with the onset of rigor mortis. Catalepsy was also related to his condition as a reason for his bodily collapse. Moreover, he was epileptic and had been negligent with his drugs lately. This could trigger such a condition as well. The patient was made stable and within 24 hours, he was conscious and requested to see his wife.                                                                            

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