This Ingenious Titanium Ring Aims To Replace Your Tape Measure

In the world of everyday carry (EDC), where multitools reign supreme, there’s a common shortcoming — the struggle for precision when it comes to measuring. Enter the Tiroler ring, a game-changing titanium gadget that’s rewriting the rules of EDC by introducing a whole new level of measurement accuracy within a brilliantly portable design.

Traditional EDC multitools often sport pint-sized rulers that leave much to be desired in terms of accuracy. The Tiroler ring, currently making waves on Kickstarter, steps into the spotlight with its ingenious approach. Crafted from titanium, it redefines the way we measure.

The Tiroler ring features an outer ring that’s gripped while the inner wheel freely spins. As you glide it along any surface, the central wheel, etched with either imperial or metric measurements, springs to life, delivering your measurement. The results are elegantly showcased through a small window in the outer ring, and with every full revolution, you’re greeted with a delightful click, making it a breeze to monitor your progress.

In the metric version, a click signals every 10 centimeters, while the imperial variant chimes in after every five inches rolled. For example, when measuring a piece of furniture using the imperial version, hearing six clicks and seeing a three in the window tells you the edge spans 33 inches, calculated as 6 x 5, plus the extra three inches shown.

This ingenuity crams boundless measuring capabilities into a compact form, provided you can keep pace with the clicks in your head. The Tiroler also shines when measuring irregular shapes like seat cushions or round bowls, rendering conventional tape measures with their sharp and unruly metal strips obsolete.

With its sleek design, the Tiroler ring can double as a chic necklace. Alternatively, it’s available with a small leather carrying pouch that effortlessly clips onto your keyring.

The Tiroler Kickstarter campaign has galvanized support, raising over $143,000, surpassing its humble initial goal of $3,343. Early-bird backers can still get their hands on one for ¥8,650 (about $58) for the metric version or ¥10,300 (about $69) for the imperial model.

As is customary with crowdfunded projects, exercise due diligence, but the Tiroler’s journey seems promising. According to the creators, if everything continues as planned, shipments will commence in mid-December. For a closer look at this groundbreaking tool, check out the accompanying video.

To sum it up, the Tiroler ring is rewriting the rules of EDC in a sleek and stylish package, drawing enthusiastic support from the Kickstarter community.

Source: Kickstarter

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