This Hypersonic Spacecraft From Sierra Space Will Feature An Inflatable Habitat


A new spacecraft and plane hybrid are scheduled to arrive. It will go by the name of “Dream Chaser”. It is brought to you by Sierra Space from Tom Vice. The vehicle will deliver hypersonic capabilities and it comes with an inflatable habitat on board.

It has a compact look which makes it easier for landing on international runways. It will be made accessible to the public. It is shorter than a NASA space shuttle.

In a previous press release, the company claimed that it achieved “major milestones” for its development of the Commercial Space Station, the Orbital Reef, with its partner, Blue Origin.

Orbital Reef expects to be functional by 2027. Then, the company aims to take this vehicle to a cosmic destination where they can sleep in its hotel, dine in its restaurant, and execute research via the labs and facilities on board.

Another feature onboard the Dream Chaser is the LIFE (Large Integrated Flexible Environment) habitat that will center on an inflatable structure.

It is as tall as a three-story structure and is 27 feet in diameter. The LIFE is meant for remote work and living for crewmembers or passengers of 12 people, made up of a pressure shell layer called VectranTM fabric weave, which Sierra claims to be stronger than steel.

The Dream Chaser will be huge as earlier, Sierra Space had developed the spacecraft to bring commercial space flights for all.

Sierra designed the Dream Chaser for the NASA Commercial Crew program that centers on private companies to deliver rockets of the future for the agency, to accommodate missions to the ISS.

The company is carrying out several ventures to develop its different projects with multiple partners like Blue Origin with the Orbital Reef, and Spirit Airways for the Dream Chaser for 2023.


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