This Humanoid Robot From Focus Is Already Walking And Performing Tasks

In just 12 months of relentless development, Figure Robotics has astounded the world by unveiling a humanoid robot that walks and performs tasks with remarkable agility. The company’s approach is strictly pragmatic, focusing on utility and efficiency rather than flashy acrobatics. Their robot is set to revolutionize various industries by swiftly transitioning into performing essential tasks within warehouses and similar environments.

The key mission at Figure is to create a versatile robot capable of handling an array of responsibilities, beginning with simple warehouse operations like moving objects. The team, comprising over 60 experts from the humanoid and AI industry, allured from major corporations such as Boston Dynamics, Google Deepmind, Tesla, and Apple, is pushing boundaries in the general-purpose robot worker arena.

The recently released video showcases the prototype’s “dynamic bipedal walking,” a significant feat achieved in less than a year. Compared to its competitors, particularly Tesla’s Optimus prototype, Figure’s robot exhibits a smoother and swifter gait, a testament to their rapid progress and expertise.

Founder Brett Adcock is proud of the achievement, affirming that this milestone sets a record for a new humanoid initiative. The robot is not only capable of walking but also proficient in tasks like picking up objects, navigating its surroundings autonomously, and moving items efficiently. The ultimate objective is to demonstrate the robot’s effectiveness in performing useful work by the year’s end.

Adcock, in a recent interview, highlighted the innovative control mechanisms employed by Figure Robotics. By utilizing torque control, which measures torque or moments in each joint, the robot can adapt dynamically to the environment, reacting instantaneously to the forces it encounters. This modern approach sets the foundation for achieving human-level performance in a complex and imperfect world.

With their cutting-edge technology and strategic vision, Figure Robotics is poised to revolutionize the robotics industry, ushering in a new era of humanoid robots that are not just nimble and capable but also ready to make a substantial impact on the workforce.

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