This Huge Boulder Weighs 132 Tonnes, But Can Actually Be Moved By Anybody

Massive rocks and fascinating geological features are plentiful in France’s Huelgoat forest, but the most engaging is the oblong boulder known as Trembling Rock, which anybody can push around.

Previously, the lovely, deep woodland near the town of Huelgoat in France was part of royal property, only accessible to the privileged. However, anyone who wants to explore 2,500 acres of wilderness can now do so. Many of the rocks that appear to congregate along the borders were likely placed there by an ancient form of the flowing streams.

Trembling Rock is one of these boulders, lying in an unusual way over a much bigger rock base. The 137-ton stone can tilt a little due to the little peak or ridge it rests on if you know where to press. Getting up under one end and gently rocking the stone will cause it to move a little, giving the person doing it the appearance of being the most powerful person on the planet.

Although rock formations are a typically spectacular sight, few of them provide much in the form of recreation. So, make sure to bring someone who will be thrilled.

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