This House In Vietnam Has A Fence Made Of Old TV Sets

television fence in Vietnam

The house is located on the way to Hon Thom cable car and is very famous with the tourists. The fence of the house is made entirely out of old but somewhat intact television sets. It is interesting to know that strong winds or vandals have not damaged these old television sets. This might be the reason the owner decided to use these for the fence. No matter what the purpose was to use these fences, it is undeniable that they look amazing.

Thanh Tien, a Facebook user, took some photos of the house while visiting Hom Thom with his family. He posted the pictures on a favorite group called “Khong So Cho” meaning Fearless Dogs. The images gathered a lot of attention, and when people asked about details, he couldn’t tell much since it was not his house and he took pictures because it looked cool. Some users admired the unusual idea of the fence while others showed their doubt if it was such a good idea to build the fence with a material which is not very sturdy. They also said that it is hazardous to both nature and small children. For example, if a kid gets too close and breaks those cathode ray tubes, they can get seriously injured. There are also some toxic elements in the old sets like mercury and lead which can get washed into the earth when it rains.

The fence has been around for a few years now, and no one has complained about it ever. People love to get their picture taken there and even sitting down on the old TVs on their way to the cable car. If you ever get to visit Hom Thom, don’t forget to have your picture taken with the television fence.

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