This House Built With Mirrors In The Middle Of A Forest Will Deceive Your Eyes


Designed by a Polish architecture firm ‘Reform Architekt’ , this mirror house was set up as a model in a forest outside Warsaw. The photographs that you see below have  been achieved by Digital Rendering. But when real life construction material will be used, the mirror house will not look any different than the one in these photos.


It is basically a two story house, and the bottom story has been  covered in mirrors . It makes the upper story look like its floating in the air.


The sides give you a proper view of what the mirror house actually consists of.


You would observe in the photo below, that when the front doors of the house are held open, the house seems to be floating in the air and it somehow makes the house look even more mysterious.




This is the overall look of the house and it is most likely one of the most amazing and phenomenal designs given by architectural firm. No wonder, these photos are more of a mirage in the woods due to their rendered nature, but when created for real, this mirror house is unlikely to have any differences . All hail Reform Architekt for this amazing idea!

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