This Honda Civic Appears To Be Melting – And The Owner Blames The Sun

Charles Goldberg is dissatisfied with Honda’s explanation for the slight melting of his daughter’s 2022 Civic when parked in their driveway. Upon the car’s return from college, the exterior plastics began to melt, and the paint showed signs of bubbling due to the sun’s apparent intensity.

Goldberg sought answers at his local Honda dealership, where he was informed that sunlight reflecting off home windows could act like a magnifying glass, intensifying the sun’s rays and causing damage to exterior materials. Unfortunately, this type of damage isn’t covered by Honda’s warranty, leaving the Goldbergs responsible for repair costs.

Honda, in response to the situation, acknowledged the possibility of sunlight causing damage, stating that it’s a well-known fact that focused sunlight can heat surfaces, leading to damage. The spokesperson emphasized that such damage isn’t exclusive to automobiles or Honda, and their limited warranties do not cover it. They suggested that automobile insurance might cover such physical damage, comparing it to coverage for damage caused by a falling tree branch.

“It is a long established fact that focused sunlight can heat surfaces and cause damage, depending on the intensity and time of exposure. This sort of damage is not isolated to automobiles, or to Honda in particular. In short, under the right circumstances, while rare, reflected sunlight can cause damage, and Honda’s limited warranties do not cover damage. However, it is possible that an automobile insurance policy would account for such physical damage, as it might cover damage from a tree branch falling on a vehicle.”

The Goldbergs have lodged a complaint with Honda’s corporate office, but the likelihood of warranty coverage for the melted Honda seems low, considering similar cases found through a quick Google search. The issue raises awareness about the potential damage caused by reflected sunlight not only to cars but also to homes, buildings, and people.

The incident serves as a reminder for car owners to ensure that sunlight is not being inadvertently reflected onto their vehicles to avoid unexpected damage, as it might not be covered by warranties. Despite the Goldbergs’ unfortunate situation, the broader implications highlight the importance of being mindful of where one parks their vehicle to prevent similar incidents.

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