This Hidden ‘Vampire’ Setting Inside Your iPhone Might Be Draining Your Battery

In the contemporary world, people frequently experience the frustration of their phones running out of battery rapidly, despite prolonged charging. To counter this issue, many individuals carry portable chargers or power banks of varying capacities to ensure their devices don’t die while on the move.

For users of iPhones, there exists a hidden feature referred to as the ‘vampire setting,’ potentially responsible for covertly depleting their phone’s battery. Disabling this setting has the potential to preserve a substantial amount of battery life, transforming the anxiety-inducing black screen of a dead phone into a distant memory.

And this problematic feature is called “Wi-Fi Assist which is originally intended to improve internet connectivity but is known to generally cause more harm than good. Wi-Fi Assist intervenes whenever your internet connection slows down or gets stuck, by guaranteeing seamless and smooth browsing experience.

It achieves this by automatically switching from Wi-Fi to cellular data whenever required. But like every cloud having a silver lining, this feature too has a very unfortunate drawback i.e. a notable impact on your phone’s battery life and data usage.

The optimistic news is that you have the ability to deactivate Wi-Fi Assist, extending your phone’s battery life. Access the main Settings app on your iPhone, proceed to the ‘Mobile Data’ tab, and locate the ‘Wi-Fi Assist’ switch to turn off this feature. Nevertheless, be mindful that deactivating it might result in slight lag during weak Wi-Fi connections, presenting a trade-off between extended battery life and potential interruptions in connectivity.

An essential point to highlight is that Wi-Fi Assist can subtly consume a substantial portion of your data, even when you believe you’re on a Wi-Fi network. Disabling this ‘vampire setting’ not only aids in conserving battery life but also prevents the covert utilization of your precious data plan.

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