This Hidden Google Feature Allows You To Detect And Delete Your Personal Information In Search

In an age where our personal information is increasingly accessible online, Google has unveiled a discreet but valuable feature that can alert you whenever your personal data surfaces on the internet.

Google’s hidden feature is a privacy safeguard that scans search results to identify the presence of your personal information on the internet. This encompasses data such as your name, address, phone number, and email. To initiate this protective service, you’ll need to provide your details, and Google will cross-reference search results to detect any matches. Should it find any instances of your personal information online, Google offers you the option to remove this information from search results.

It’s important to note that the company doesn’t completely obliterate the information; instead, it conceals it from Google Search. As reported by CNBC, this measure makes it significantly more challenging for others to stumble upon your details online.

Here’s how to utilize this feature:

  1. Open a web browser and enter ‘’ into the search bar.
  2. Select “Results to review,” then choose “Get Started” and proceed by clicking “Next” twice.
  3. You will then need to input your details, including your name, address, phone number, and email.
  4. After entering these details, opt for email notifications, push notifications, or both to receive alerts.
  5. Google will display a pop-up message indicating it is “taking a look.”

Subsequently, Google will scan the web to identify any instances of your personal information associated with the details you provided. If any such instances are discovered, Google will promptly notify you. Furthermore, it gives you the choice of whether to remove the information or leave it as is.

It’s worth noting that, at present, this feature appears to be accessible in select markets and is not yet available to everyone online. However, it is anticipated that Google will gradually roll out this privacy-enhancing tool to a broader audience shortly. This hidden feature offers users a simple yet effective way to safeguard their data in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape.

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