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This Head Hammock Lets You Sleep In Peace During Long Flights

Credits: NodPod Kickstarter

How many times have we tried to fall asleep while traveling? How many times have we failed to enjoy a peaceful sleep? Your head dangles at awkward angles, or some sudden “nod” wakes you up. Soon you realize that you have been drooling at your car’s window. Oops!

Do not fret because NodPod has a solution for you, a head hammock that will keep your head in place. Paula Blankenship, the creator of NodPod, reveals that the idea was the result of years of attempts to sleep during long journeys. It is quite a convenient sleep-on-travel aid, and it might even be an effective one. But is it really necessary to find ways to sleep while sitting as well?

Credits: NodPod Kickstarter

Maybe it is! The main concept of this NodPod is to keep your head straight and upright so that you are safe from neck and body pains of dozing off at an awkward angle. It will make sure you do not need a stranger’s shoulder to sleep as now you can have a personal headrest. It keeps your mouth shut as well, so no “drooling danger” there, thank goodness!

The Nodpod is made up of memory foam support where the user can rest his chin. It even has some strings that slip over the back side of the seat to fasten the support in place.

As far as the appearance is concerned, NodPod is not very soft-looking. It has a vague “gag-like” vibe to it that requires a lot of improvement. Also, there is the danger of someone pulling the NodPod chords from behind, for example, a curious child who might be pulling strings for fun could result in a startling wake-up call.

Credits: NodPod Kickstarter

These cords are designed to have a breakaway clip that untangles the chords at sudden impact. No, it won’t detach your head from the body. Here, watch the video below to get more details about NodPod.