This Handy Japanese Humanoid Robot Can Install A Drywall Itself

humanoid robot fixed drywall

Boston Dynamics has been leading the game when it comes to building humanoid robots. They have made canine-inspired models, humanoid backflipping versions and much more. However, now the company has got some serious competition. Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has released a video which will surely give all other robot building companies a worrisome thought. This slightly creepy but handy humanoid machine might prove to be the most helpful machine so far.

It is called HRP-5P and can install a drywall much better than a human. This video shows HRP-5P pick up a sheet of drywall, bring it over to a wall and use a cordless screwdriver to put it in place. The robot this all of this without any help or assistance from anyone. The HRP-5P robot is a bit slow and struggles with adequately using the screwdriver. However, it seems that very soon we will have a machine which will be able to do these tasks without any human supervision.

HRP-5P is not the only robot. It is one of the latest lines of robots from AIST’s collection. All of these machines can be used in everything from industrialization applications to bartending. It seems like the future is already here and it is indeed robot powered. We might be able to embrace the robotic allies and look for better ways to live among them.


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  1. Blair Quintana Reply

    That stupid robot put the wrong side of the sheet rock on the wall.

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