This Hamster In Germany Has Become A Cryptocurrency Trader – And He Is Outperforming Warren Buffet

You can be cool but not as cool as this crypto-trading hamster…

Mr. Goxx is the name of the popular hamster from Germany who’s making rounds on the internet for his expert crypto-trading ventures since June. The furry animal gets help through a rigged cage dubbed the “Goxx Box” which helps with cryptocurrency trading.

The hamster runs on a wheel, just like every other hamster out there but this “intention wheel” is used to select one of 30 different cryptos to trade. After that, Mr. Goxx makes a trip through one of two “decision tunnels” that determine whether or not he will buy or sell the cryptocurrency in 20-euro increments. And of course, all of this trading is recorded on a computer.

According to Protos, Goxx initially started his portfolio with the Euro equivalent of $390 in an exchange account. And while the transactions are random and without any order (let’s face it, a hamster can think oh so much), Goxx’s portfolio is up by roughly 24% – faster than S&P 500 and Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway over the same period. And recently in September, the hamster hit an all-time high profit of $580 albeit it was short-lived due to the recent crypto dips.

The person behind Mr. Goxx (if there is one or maybe the hamster is tricking us all into thinking that) hopes to give him even more investment opportunities in the future and even let him pick the buying amount. “There are plans to give Mr. Goxx more control and let him intentionally pick his buy amount if the interest in his channel keeps growing,” said Goxx’s caretaker.

If you need some crypto-trading advice from the expert himself, then be sure to follow him on his Twitch channel and see him adorably run(literally) in his trade office, making very important crypto decisions. or follow his Twitter account to keep up-to-date with his ventures.

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