This Guy Vandalizes Extremely Plain-Looking Cars Into Pure Awesomeness

Max seidentopf2

Getting your car vandalized outside your workspace is an irritating experience. It seems like these street thugs have nothing better to do than to destroy personal property and steal a few things on the go as well. However, this cool vandalist from Amsterdam, Netherlands carefully chooses the most boring and lacklustre car in a parking and modifies it with cardboard to make it look much cooler than it could have ever looked in its lifetime.

Max Siedentopf, is the guy behind this ingenious bit of vigilante art as he prowls the night time and give boring people’ cars some awesome makeovers. He never actually harms the car itself, so it is a pretty enjoyable experience that he offers. He calls his project Slapdash Supercars.

Take a look at this!

Max seidentopf8

He uses cardboard and masking tape to add different fake accessories to a car.

Max seidentopf7

Look at this cool drifter. It is amazing to think how a ridiculous air inlet and loose body sides can do to a car!

Max seidentopf5

He simply can’t stand plain looking cars and transforms them completely.

Max seidentopf6

Also, since people can’t appreciate this bit of subtle art, he has to do this work as quickly as possible or risk getting beaten up by their owners.

Max seidentopf4

Once he is done and satisfied, he takes a picture to upload at his portal and snap! He’s gone.

Max seidentopf3

The list of cars succumbing to his awesome skills is endless. I can’t imagine what could go around in people’s heads when they find their cars in such an improved state.

Max seidentopf2 Max seidentopf

For Siedentopf, it is nothing but an expression of individuality. According to him, it is the most important thing in people’s lives since they are becoming more and more robotic and monotonous over the years. He also thinks some people are so ignorant of their cars outlook that he simply cannot take it!

You can see more of his brilliant work on Facebook 

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