This Guy Strapped A Camera To His Cat, And The Result Is Truly Amazing


Cat videos have always been a hit on the internet, but now there’s a new trend emerging: videos filmed from a cat’s perspective.

With advancements in technology, attaching a small action camera to a cat has become possible without disturbing the notoriously temperamental feline. Inspired by a New York Times story about cats filming their own adventures, the editor-in-chief of Tom’s Guide, Mike Prospero, decided to capture his cat Mervin’s antics using a compact Insta360 Go 2 camera.

While previous cat videos showcased active cats with vibrant social lives, Prospero discovered that Mervin, his indoor-outdoor cat, preferred a more relaxed lifestyle. The footage primarily consisted of Mervin lounging around, confirming Prospero’s suspicion that his furry companion was just as lazy as he thought. However, there was one exciting moment when Mervin leaped onto a tree, climbed over the fence, and charmingly chirped at birds—a behavior that reminds us of their natural instincts to hunt.

Although the footage may not be action-packed, it provides adorable glimpses of Mervin gracefully stepping on his dainty paws. Prospero plans to continue sending Mervin out with the camera to capture more interesting moments, hoping for less naptime in future recordings.

Additionally, the concept of filming from a cat’s perspective opens up possibilities for immersive virtual reality (VR) games. Observing a cat’s movements, such as jumping into trees and off them with their elegant paws and whiskers, could inspire engaging VR experiences.


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