This Guy Spent 17 Years To Build A Lamborghini Countach In His Basement – And You Can Buy It Now


Homebuilt vehicles have always held a fascination, particularly when they replicate supercars. Ken Imhoff took this to another level by constructing a near-exact replica of a Lamborghini Countach in his basement.

After 17 years of meticulous work, he completed the car, which closely resembled the real thing, except for the absence of a V12 engine. Imhoff eventually sold the car due to the challenges of upkeep and the toll it had taken on his health and personal life.

The vehicle changed hands for approximately $90,000 and is now being sold by its current owner for $229,000.

Imhoff’s creation boasts remarkable craftsmanship, with painstakingly constructed panels and even some authentic Lamborghini parts. The car features a Ford 351 Cleveland V8 engine generating around 500 horsepower.

To remove it from the basement, Imhoff had to create an opening in the side wall. Although not a genuine article, the replica holds considerable value due to the extraordinary circumstances of its construction. Despite lacking the mesmerizing V12 sound, the car’s impressive power output remains unchanged.

The current owner, who specializes in selling replica Lamborghinis, has not indicated significant modifications to the vehicle since purchasing it. However, he has shared videos on his YouTube channel, often featuring the car alongside scantily clad women.

It is evident that this sale is primarily a flip, as Imhoff is not involved and did not invest the extensive time and funds reflected in the asking price of $229,000.

Rather than focusing on the sale itself, it is more fitting to appreciate the story behind the car, acknowledge the builder’s dedication, and move forward with respect.


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