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This Guy Shows Why You Should Use Springs Instead Of Rubber Tires

Garage 54 ENG on YouTube creates fun videos in his garage using various items. This time they are back with another video in which the host has used springs instead of rubber tires. He got the springs from a local scrapyard. The springs were welded to the rim before installing them to the car. The host checked what kind of dampening, suspension, and other things the vehicle will face after being installed with spring tires.

The host believes that the tire should do an excellent job with dampening since they are welded with springs. The springs are made of a special steel alloy and not from regular steel or iron. When he tested the spring tires, there was a lot of rubble. However, the overall ride was pretty smooth. There was not much vibration during the trip. It worked like a regular tire and perhaps much smoother than the regular rubber tires.

The suspension of the spring wheel was ideal. The host of the channel also drove the car in second gear to check the reaction of the wheel while it is driving at a higher speed. Check out this video to see the overall working of the spring tires.