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This Guy Scammed Amazon Out Of $370K By Sending Dirt As Return Parcels

James Gilbert Kwarteng is a 22-year-old resident of Palma de Mallorca, Spain. As per El Español and El Diario de Mallorca, James Gilbert Kwarteng has been accused of scamming Amazon out of about $370,000. Deception and fraud sure is a dirty business, but the way that James Gilbert Kwarteng has been scamming Amazon is ingenious!

According to the reports, James Gilbert Kwarteng was making use of a very simple technique. He would order the good, send back the boxes filled with dirt while making sure that they were of the same weight as the product, and keep the merchandise for himself and sell it later.

According to the sales policy of Amazon, the company offers a refund to the customer when the customer makes a claim and sends the package back. However, the issue with this policy is that the company doesn’t right away open the package that it receives.

The El Español report has stated that Kwarteng and an associate were quite thorough. Upon receiving a package, they would place the box on a scale and record the weight. They would then unpack the product and take it out. Afterward, they would start filling the box using dirt up until the weight was similar to the previously noted weight. They would put the item for sale later on.

According to the report, James Gilbert Kwarteng had so much success using this technique that he has already founded a limited company by the name of Kwartech. It is an interesting play of words where he has made a portmanteau of his surname and the word, ‘technology.’

We will have to wait and see to find out what happens to James Gilbert Kwarteng now that Amazon is onto his fraud. What do you think of this simple fraud that led James Gilbert Kwarteng to have a huge turnover?

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