This Guy Has A Stupid And Dangerous Hack To Get Rid of Fall Leaves

Watch this Incredible but Dangerous Way to Get Rid of those Troublesome Autumn Leaves   YTPak

Some of us like the fall colors and the feeling of brown leaves on the floor while others are tired of cleaning their doorsteps and gardens every other day during the fall season. So much that they are prepared to resort to extreme measures to clean up their entire neighborhood. Be warned, this method is not to be replicated at any level as it can easily go out of control and burn the entire locality down. These guys were reckless and lucky enough to pull it off, but seriously don’t try this at home. Ever!

Here is the insane video of the worst possible way to get rid of those pesky leaves lying around.

Woah! It was an insanely stupid thing to do in the middle of all those inflammable trees and even homes in the vicinity. It takes an incredible amount of stupidity to pull this off and we beg you not to pull this off. That being said, it does look cooler than any other method we have seen lately. How do you think they did it?

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