This Guy Filmed Heaven For 7 Days. What He Saw Will Blow You Away


 El Teide is Spain’s highest mountain and considered one of the heavens on earth. This mountain is specially infamous for the breathtaking sky photography scenes it offers. A team of photographers recently visited this mountain and recorded video for 7 days. The end result is just mind blowing. Watch the video in HD and fullscreen to get the full experience.


  1. Omar Reply

    I’m still wondering how some people still not beleive in Allah. The creator of everything.

    Allah who was created all of this for human being to be an evidence and reference to him, to the truly God in our life.

    Just think

    • Anna Childress Reply

      Yes very Amazing. Yes your Right The God Loves every so much and there is so much to look forward to the Afterlife……so much.all will be explained soon….

    • Ben Salaad Reply

      Omar – That’s your evidence of god (allah)? Stars in the sky, clouds, excellent photography?
      This kind of backward logic is what made me stop believing in god in the first place.

  2. Faisal Ikram Reply

    Allah is the greatest who created this heaven on earth. Close your eyes and just imagine how the real heaven will be.

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