This Guy Digitalized An Old Piano Using 8 Electronic Devices

This Guy Digitalized An Old Piano Using 8 Electronic Devices!

What would you like to do during your free time? Some might say reading, while some might speak about taking up a fitness activity. However, there is one particular person who decided to digitize an old piano by making use of 8 electronic devices. The process is quite fun to watch!

Piano players are familiar with the fact that the new pianos can be quite expensive. However, if you are a piano enthusiast, then will you let this stop you from playing the piano? Of course, you won’t. This guy bought an old and worn out piano just so that he could transform it into the most technological musical instrument ever! It took him five months to create, but it was definitely worth the hard work and wait.

This Guy Digitalized An Old Piano Using 8 Electronic Devices!

He made use of eight different electronic devices to transform the old piano into a digital piano which resembles Casio PX-160. The devices used included a display, an electronic opening top, a PC, a sit-stand desk, a speaker set, and a horn. The horn is basically a light that makes playing the piano during the night seem much cooler.

Joffy Arthur is a pianist and a composer and played the piano to an audient, and all of the people were quite surprised and entertained with the devices that were demonstrated. What can you take home from this inspiring story? High prices and not having enough time or energy should not stop you from chasing your dream and making it a reality.

Are you a fresh pianist? Do you have a dream that you have been putting off for too long? If yes, then you can take the much-needed from this video and the story that it shows! Go chase your dreams and invest in it. It will definitely help you achieve whatever it is that you wish to achieve.

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