This Guitar Is Completely Made Out Of Recycled Marine Plastic

Creativity is an artistic attempt to bring innovations using skills. Creative people utilize such impressive skills to impress the public as well as to persuade them. Many of the creative attempts include sustainable designs made to maximize the utility of recycled materials. One such example was proposed recently by an innovative creator, Burls Art, who has come up with a stunning guitar using recycled marine plastic.

Burls Art released his video presenting the building steps of his first guitar, which featured a body made of 1200 colors pencils. That video got viral and consequently, many other beautiful attempts towards the designs of guitars came next. Then the artist collaborated with 4ocean to make a double-cut guitar from recycled marine plastic.

That video of Burls Art has got more than 33 million viewers on Youtube. Materials like paper, carbon fiber, rock salt, coffee beans, and Lego were seen as joining epoxy to form an attractive catalog of the stunning build.

Burls Art pushes him to do more innovations. Since 2017, 4ocean has been trying to recover much from marine plastic and use it to make bracelets and other such useful products. As of this month, some 20 million pounds of marine trash have been reclaimed.

4ocean has collaborated with Polaru Marine and tested the Bebot, which is a remote-controlled battery-powered robot made to clear rubbish from up to 3000 sq meters of coastline per hour.

As far as the construction procedure for this guitar is concerned, Burls Art joined a team in South Florida to go for diving to gather material. The haul was taken to a 4ocean facility for weightage, sorting, and processing. Plastic pieces were poured into a steel box and were baked to melt and merge. After gathering essential materials, like polyethylene bags and such material, he returned to his workshop. He has illustrated the process in his video.

Guitar made from Marine plastic

The first attempt towards a clear epoxy neck with plastic waste items was failed, but Burls Art went back to the drawing board and chose a maple neck with an epoxy fingerboard having plastic straws. In this way, a finished product thus achieved has two pickups, Chrome hardware, and three control knobs. Such artistic reuse of waste with creativity has led to a stunning product.

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