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This Gravity Defying Video Of People Dancing On A Building Will Probably Give You Vertigo

The vertical dance troupe BANDALOOP has surpassed all expectations and has produced a dance video which lives up to its description of:

“You’ve probably never seen anything like this before.”

The video features six amazing dancers as they perform an amazing dance routine. However, the most astonishing aspect of the video is the stage they are performing on: the side of the 100 Northern Avenue building in Boston. It is essentially dancing in the air, quite literally!

The dance troupe descends the polished and gleaming surface of the building to start off a mesmerizing dance routine. The trio of women dances alongside a trio of men and pull off some incredible, gravity-defying dance moves.

The San Francisco-based BANDALOOP dance troupe was put together by choreographer Amelia Rudolph in early 1990s.The troupe has gained worldwide popularity for its vertical dance routines that they perform using the refashioned rock climbing gear. In an interview with CBS News, Rudolph explained where the idea for BANDALOOP came from:

 “One day, I was clinging to a cliff in the Sierra [Nevada mountains], looking out at this vast view, and I asked this question, what would it be like to dance here.”

You can watch the unbelievable performance in this video: