This Grandfather Built His Own Mini-NASA For His Grandson


Today’s kids are growing up in a technological era where groundbreaking discoveries and inventions have already been made. They have a fast-paced surroundings and they keep up with it. Similarly, their interests also lie in the fields related to technology and advancements in the world like they are keen to learn about space because it has been made more accessible to us recently.

It was reported in Reddit that a grandson expressed his interest in exploring space and was always preoccupied with the materials and information associated with it. Usually, people gift space-related merchandise to kids who are passionate about the topic. Well, his grandfather was not a usual person. He decided to build him an entire mini-NASA space so he could relish and enjoy his interests.

Reddit has a video posted by the kid’s uncle with the username Robsonthebeach where he shows the entire module built by the grandfather for his grandkid. The whole project was kept hidden even from the rest of the family. It was implied that the module had ‘landed’ in their backyard for the kid to play in.

The module is massively detailed and mirrors the details of the real machines. It comprises functional buttons and screens for the grandchild to play with as he pretends, he’s landing on the Moon or a distant planet.

The shuttle also has a small radar dish at the outer side, an escape hatch, and doors into the interior of the module. Thrusters on the outside of the spacecraft give off steam and the outlook is decorated with a SpaceX logo and NASA’s classic worm logo. Every button or object inside the machine has some function and is ready to take the kid on a space journey as he likes.


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