This Girl Had Some Old Dressers In Her Store. What She Turned Them Into Is Amazing

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Drawer DIY2

If your are obsessed enough with DIY projects, you can create miracles out of every last thing. There are millions of DIY encouragement companies, and we know the stuff they come up with; recreational trucks, classy gadgets and so on. But, let’s subdue a little and look at all the furniture going to waste in your home right now. They might have belonged to your parents or even your grandparents and you don’t know what to do with the old-fashioned antiques. It is particularly true in the case of old drawers that seem nonsensically big and have wood dust all around their insides. Kelsey Johnson of Design-innovate-create took such an old thing and converted it into a true beauty.

So she took out all of the drawers and here is how it looks

Drawer DIY

Spray painted it while lying on the grass. No easy job

Drawer DIY2

She coated the outside of the dresser with the same grey coloured spray paint.

Drawer DIY3

Covering front of the drawers with used lace…

Drawer DIY4

And sprayed again!

Drawer DIY5

The imprints are awesome don’t you think?

Drawer DIY6

Drawer DIY7

Drawer DIY8

The knobs went through a similar paint job and little bit of tweaking….

Drawer DIY9

*Trumpets blowing* Here is renovated dresser…

Drawer DIY10

Drawer DIY11

Some skilful handling prevented it from going to the junkyards. How great does this go in your bedroom with all the accessories!

Drawer DIY12

Kelsey aims to inspire DIY enthusiasts to work and improve the condition of your homes within a budget. You don’t have to throw stuff out just because it is getting old fashioned!



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