This Giant Drone Can De-Ice Wind Turbines In Few Minutes

Wind turbines were a great breakthrough in the tech industry, however, they are prone to get affected by nature. In the cold regions, they get icy most of the times. Since the blades of the wind turbine are typically hundreds of feet in the air, they need some serious effort to be cleaned. A simple solution to this is given by Latvian company Aerones. It is using a heavy-lift drone to haul the de-icing equipment into the air. It operates the equipment while ensuring that the operator is safe on the ground.

This is not an ordinary consumer drone. It might be a little difficult to tell from the video. The drone has 36 propellers and can produce enough force to lift a human up in the air.
wind turbines
To de-ice the blades of a wind turbine, this drone carries a power cable and hose from the ground and spray the water. These drones are not only used for de-icing the wind turbines. But, they can also be recruited as robotic firefighters. They can also carry rescue operations and for deliveries as well. With the help of these drones, high-altitude maintenance can also be made easier.
The possibilities are endless!

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