This Giant Bicycle Can Walk And “tip-toe” Over Obstacles – Literally

giant walking bicycle

Do you like giant bicycles? Do you like machines that walk? If yes, then get ready to be mesmerized! The Boneshaker Big Wheel is a vehicle that is half intricate machine and half giant bicycle.

Credits: Gizmodo
Credits: Gizmodo

At the front is an old-school large wheel and at the rear end is a succession of klan mechanism – commonly used in walking machines. Check out the amazing bicycle below:

An artist Ron Schroer hailing from Florida want to make a penny-farther also known as high-wheeler. But he added a twist, the rear wheel of the bicycle actually tiptoes. His design perfectly amalgamated the old with the new. A klan mechanism is a good start if you are interested in mechanics. You can make all kinds of walking machines that will blow your mind.
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  1. James Smith Reply

    That this bicycle is made of wood makes it a work of art. I doubt it is that easy to pedal, but that’s not the point. It is beautiful for what it does and how it does it.

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