This German Student Has Created the World’s Fastest Toy Car

German engineering student Marcel Paul achieved an extraordinary feat by turning a simple toy car into a speed monster that can reach incredible speeds. Marcel spent 10 months on the grueling job, completing a sports car capable of reaching speeds of 92.24 mph (148 km/h) in the process of creating a new Guinness World Record.

Marcel’s admiration for Bobby’s car, a popular sports car among mountain racing enthusiasts, inspired him to run this particular race. Although Marcel had a significant track record in mountain racing and held many world and European competitions under his belt, he wanted to push the boundaries even further by creating a world with the fastest toys.

His career began with the purchase of a small Porsche 911 as the basis for his modifications. Marcel carefully designed and manufactured the aluminum chassis, reduced the suspension and placed the electric motor and battery to ensure good performance when maintaining the sports car.

Securing support for his work was an important consideration, and Marcel eventually invested nearly $10,000 of his own money to realize his dream. But his hard work paid off and he had the opportunity to test his design at Germany’s famous Hockenheim circuit.

During his attempt to break the record, Marcel reached speeds beyond his original goal, reaching an impressive speed of 92.24 mph. Despite challenges such as exceeding control limits at the last minute, Marcel’s careful planning and driving skills paid off.

Marcel Paul’s achievements are a testament to his intelligence, determination and passion for engineering. The toy car collection inspires professionals and enthusiasts alike and demonstrates an endless flow of innovation and creativity.

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