This German Startup Is Aiming To Generate Limitless Energy Using Laser Technology

For more than half a century, scientists and governments worldwide have been attempting to tackle the hurdles of nuclear fusion in the quest to zero greenhouse gas emissions. Nuclear fusion is a nuclear reaction in which energy is produced by fusing light atoms collectively. Nuclear fusion may potentially provide a cheap, sustainable, and nearly limitless form of energy. Nevertheless, General Fusion and CFS are not the only nuclear fusion technology firms. Another enterprise is Marvel Fusion, a German renewable energy company that is developing the optimum operational fusion power plant by harnessing the latest advancements in laser and nanotechnology. The strategy taken by Marvel Fusion aims to use pulsed fusion as a possibility for the worldwide energy transformation to carbon-free generation.

German energy tech startup Marvel Fusion aims to generate unlimited  zero-emission electricity using quantum-enhanced clean fusion energy | Tech  News | Startups News

Marvel Fusion, unlike the other two businesses, chose a unique strategy. Marvel Fusion employs a quick laser and nanodevices to generate non-thermal nuclear fusion processes rather than magnetism. Siemens Energy, TRUMPF, and Thales are among the technical companies who are actively providing the project. Marvel Fusion isn’t the only company experimenting with lasers. HB11, EX-Fusion, and Focused Energy are among the others. Moritz von der Linden, Dr. Karl-Georg Schlesinger, Dr. Georg Korn, and Dr. Pasha Shabalin created Marvel Fusion in 2019, and their team includes experts in nanostructures, particle physics, machine learning, ophthalmology, and short-pulse laser science.

German startup - Marvel Fusion - aims to generate unlimited clean fusion  energy with lasers : r/Futurology

“A new worldwide sense of enthusiasm for fusion breakthroughs is currently being witnessed, and – even more crucially – there is a fundamentally exciting and innovative concept for a revolutionary, reasonably clean, and unwaveringly secure fusion energy”, commented by Hendrik Brandis of Earlybird, Marvel Fusion.

As per von der Linden, extremely severe temperatures will not be required for Marvel Fusion. The company is employing the latest batch of ultrashort pulse lasers, which magnifies the light beam, as well as boron as a source to achieve fusion temperatures via a Coloumb eruption. Boron is rather easy to come by on Earth, especially in comparison to helium, with big borax deposits in California and Turkey.

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The business just received €35 million in a Series A fundraising round to continue working on nuclear fusion technology research and commercialization. Marvel Fusion has received an average of €60 million ($65.9 million) in funding, along with a €35 million financing managed by “Earlybird Venture Capital” in February.

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