This German Mac-Lover Just Cloner A Working 1980s Mac Plus Using 3D Printing

Through creative projects, German Macintosh lovers continue to demonstrate their devotion to the venerable Apple products. One such fan, Kevin Noki, has drawn notice lately for his incredible accomplishment of creating a fully functional copy of the 1986 Mac Plus through 3D printing.

The Mac Plus, which belonged to the third generation of Apple Macintosh computers, gained notoriety for its powerful processor and 1MB of RAM. Even though it was released more than 40 years ago, it was supported until 1996 and was still in development as of 2018. However, because they are so rare, it can be difficult to find a functional original Mac Plus these days.

Driven by his passion for Macintosh computers, Noki decided to take on the challenge of replicating the Mac Plus. After acquiring a worn-out unit from eBay, he chose not to resort to emulating the original operating system using a Raspberry Pi. Instead, he meticulously modeled each part of the Mac and 3D printed them individually, ensuring that the clone was an exact replica of the original.

The attention to detail in Noki’s project is truly impressive. He not only recreated the external appearance of the Mac Plus but also replicated its internal components, including the floppy disk drive and internal speakers. To overcome challenges such as determining the timing for ejecting the floppy disk, Noki relied on his diverse skill set, which ranged from soldering to programming.

It is admirable that Noki is committed to keeping computing heritage alive. He has not only preserved the Mac Plus but also made the effort attainable for future fans by developing the Brewintosh Plus and filming the entire process in an in-depth video. His endeavor is proof of the Macintosh community’s inventiveness and the timeless attractiveness of vintage technology.Top of Form

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