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This Full Sized Car Is Made Of Lego Bricks And Runs On Air

Super Awesome Micro Project 7

Super Awesome Micro Project We have covered a number of articles on cars, some of them being hybrid in nature while other are just pure class. However, today’s article is on a car that does not have a top speed above 100 Mph and neither is it hybrid.
We all have played with LEGO, right? Felt the out-of-this-world pain too when we stepped on them by mistake. But who has seen a car made of LEGO? Well, a lot of us have. Now the million dollar question; ‘Who has seen a full sized, fully functional car made out of LEGO which is capable of achieving 20 Mph?’ Yeah, now you know what we have in store for you!

Built in the image of a hot rod, the LEGO car known as “Super Awesome Micro Project” was built by Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida. The LEGO car was built in Romania but it has been shipped to Melbourne, Australia.  Moving on to the specs of this spectacular car; it has been built using 500,000 LEGO pieces. It comes with 256 working pistons which drive its functional engine and the LEGO car makes use of four orbital engines to attain a speed of 20 Mph. Only wheels and some load bearing parts are non-LEGO.

As far as the question of type of fuel used is concerned; it runs on air. Yup, that’s right. The LEGO car runs on air. The engine and the pistons operate on compressed air to drive the car. The manufacturers when driving the car were saying in context of its speed that; ‘drive it slow as we are scared of a giant Lego explosion.’
Good Job guys!

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