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Rimac Unveils Concept One – The World’s Fastest Electric Car

Rimac Unveils Concept One, World’s Fastest Electric Car 2

Are you among those who find electric cars to be less adventurous and not adrenaline-inducing? Well, you are about to get shocked or what for Rimac, a Croatian company, took the veils off of the fastest all-electric car at Geneva Motor Show 2016. The Concept One relies on an 8,540-cell battery pack that generates about 1,073hp and distributes power via four oil-cooled electric motors.

These motors are capable of generating a torque of 1,600Nm and allow the car to achieve 62mph from rest in 2.6 seconds and a top speed of 221 mph. In order to reap maximum benefits of the all-electric power plant that it features, the Concept One employs the use of a torque-vectoring system which is capable of distributing power smartly to each wheel based on the grip levels. Carbon-ceramic brakes are utilized when the car has to be brought to rest.

Rimac Automobilli stated that only 8 units of Concept One will be manufactured and 6 of these amazing units have already been sold for a price of £676,000 each. Rimac also unveiled the Concept S at the Geneva Motor Show – an even more powerful variant of the Concept One that features 33% more downforce. Check out the video below for more details on this monster car:

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