This French Town Uses Deliberately Confusing Road Markings To Discourage Speeding

In a quaint French town nestled in the western region, an unconventional approach to traffic control has caused a buzz across the digital sphere. Bauné, a modest enclave near Angers, accommodating around 1,700 inhabitants, has ingeniously employed an intricate design of overlapping white lines at a bustling intersection.

Situated at the convergence of two arterial roads – D74 and D82 – the diminutive township of Bauné grapples with a consistent stream of traffic, a situation not proportional to its population. Despite the visibly posted speed restrictions of 30 km/h (18.6 mph), a portion of the approximately 2,300 vehicles traversing the town daily breach the limit, some exceeding 100 km/h (60 mph). Faced with this challenge, the local authorities conceived an inventive solution – introducing puzzling road markings in overlapping continuous lines.

Remarkably, this audacious strategy yielded remarkable outcomes. The consequential impact of these bewildering road markings became evident when snapshots of the peculiar intersection started to increase on French social media platforms.

Observers, however, found themselves bewildered by the concept. The enigma lay in the overlapping nature of the continuous white lines that completely enveloped the intersection. Traditional traffic logic dictated that such lines signify impassability, prompting questions about the efficacy of this unconventional approach.

Grégoire Jauneault, the deputy mayor of Loire-Authion and the driving force behind local development, attested to the immediate effectiveness of the perplexing road markings. Statistics revealed a notable reduction in vehicular speeds following their implementation.

Yet, skepticism permeated a segment of the local community, voicing concerns about the transitory nature of this accomplishment. Doubters predicted that motorists would inevitably revert to their habitual speeding tendencies once they decipher the cryptic scheme.

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