This Flying Taxi Ordered By American Airlines Has Just Completed It’s First Piloted Flight

VX4, the electric vertical take-off, and landing (eVTOL), the aircraft from British aviation startup Vertical Aerospace got done with its first take-off from the ground over the weekend. It is also called “wheels up,” and the test proved to be a huge leap for American Airlines, which has plans to incorporate 250 such aircraft into its fleet.

Companies like American Airlines and Virgin airlines have found new opportunities in this sector and are awaiting positive results from VX4.

VX4 is designed can get to the speed of 202 miles (325 km) an hour. The eVTOL will accommodate four passengers at max, apart from a pilot. It might be used for about 30-minute trips between airports or across the city.

During this time, VX4 can cruise at a speed of 150 miles (241 km) an hour while being 100 times quieter than a helicopter, the company claims on its website.

Inside an aircraft hangar, the VX4 took off from the ground under the pilot’s command who was Justin Paines. The test flight was of just ten minutes and the aircraft only achieved a height of about three feet (under one meter) while being tethered to the ground, Business Insider reported.

The next test would entail a low-speed flight at an altitude of 50 feet (15 m) following the VX4 will undergo transition and envelope extension tests at altitudes of 5,000-10,000 feet (1,524 – 3,048 m), the press release added.

Vertical Aerospace aims to have its eVTOLs certified for flight by 2025.

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