This Flying Car Has Been Certified As Safe In Japan


According to a recent press statement, SkyDrive, the Tokyo-based startup behind eVTOL flying car concept has just been granted a safety certificate by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). Not surprising, Japan is from the future anyway.

SkyDrive first revealed the early flying car prototype back in 2018 when it was a fairly new concept and then successfully conducted its first piloted test flight last year while everyone else is still stuck in the designing or prototyping stage around the world. The drone-like flying car is called the SD-03. It uses eight propellers, two at the end of an arm at each corner and reaches a top speed of 30mph for trips up to 10 minutes.

The safety certificate from Japan’s MLIT states that the “design, structure, strength, and performance meet the necessary safety and environmental requirements,” SkyDrive explains in its statement. The company says it is “very pleased” to have been awarded the certification, and added that it will “continue to work in close partnership with the government and MLIT to complete [its] development of a wholly safe and reliable flying car.”

This is the first time that MLIT has granted this certificate to a flying car in the country and with the technological advancements taking place in the country, probably not the last. SkyDrive which is currently a drone service in Japan, is aiming to launch its flying taxi service with the SD-03 in Japan’s Osaka Bay area as early as 2025. Meanwhile take a look at SkyDrive’s piloted flying car in action.

SkyDrive’s SD-03 resembles a hoverbike more than a car with its open cabin and one-person seating. That seems a bit dangerous compared to a closed cabin but since it’s not available for commercial use yet and will be used as part of SkyDrive’s drone service model, it’s all good. Maybe they’ll make more change before it officially launches, nevertheless, they’re on the right path!


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