This Florida Man Wants You to Buy His Jet-Powered, 18-Seater Monster Truck

A remarkable and visually striking vehicle known as “Fire Chief” is up for sale in Florida, capturing attention with its unique blend of vintage charm and modern engineering. This monster truck, originally a 1950s-era Seagrave Open Cab Fire Truck, maintains its original steel body but has been extensively modified beyond its historical roots.

The Fire Chief is designed to seat up to 18 passengers, equipped with safety features such as seat belts and a roll bar, ensuring passenger safety despite the unusual power source: a Westinghouse J34 turbojet engine.

The J34 turbojet engine, which was utilized by the U.S. Air Force during the 1940s and 1950s in experimental aircraft, produces up to 3,000 pounds of thrust and includes an afterburner. Although this formidable engine is installed in the Fire Chief, it is reserved primarily for show demonstrations and burnouts, rather than daily propulsion. For practical purposes, the vehicle relies on a big-block 366 Chevy V8 engine, ensuring it remains functional and safe for joy rides and exhibitions.

The truck is also outfitted with 66-inch all-terrain Terra Tires, which enhance its imposing appearance. However, for practical driving and transport, it comes with newer wheels and tires. Access to the elevated seating area is facilitated by retractable ladders, making entry and exit straightforward without the need for climbing.

Fire Chief is rear-wheel drive and features a manual transmission, emphasizing its custom-built nature. It has had only one owner in its second life as an exhibition vehicle, adding to its unique provenance. Initially listed for $95,000, the price has been reduced to $70,000 after a year on the market, making it a potentially lucrative investment, especially if used for amusement rides and exhibitions as suggested in the listing.

Whether intended for amusement park operations, where it can generate income through per-ride charges, or simply as an extraordinary vehicle to drive around town, the Fire Chief offers a blend of historical significance and modern entertainment value.

Its impressive stature, combined with the thrill of having a jet engine (albeit not for primary propulsion), makes it an enviable possession likely to stir envy among onlookers and rival vehicle enthusiasts. For anyone in Central Florida seeking a standout automotive investment or a unique showpiece, Fire Chief presents an intriguing opportunity.

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