This Firefighter Just Set The Record For The Fastest 100m Sprint While On Fire

Jonathan Vero, a firefighter and fire stunt artist from Lille, France, has achieved two Guinness World Records. He now holds the record for the fastest 100-meter sprint while on fire and the longest distance run while on fire.

According to a report by WaPo, Vero completed the fiery 100-meter sprint in 17 seconds and ran a total distance of 272.25 meters, surpassing the previous records of 24.58 seconds and 204.23 meters respectively.

Although Vero technically broke the records in September 2022, he recently received his official certificates from Guinness. He believes there are more fiery world records he can set in the future.

To protect himself during the dangerous sprint, Vero took several precautions. He wore three layers of protective clothing. The first layer consisted of flame-resistant sweatpants and a long-sleeved tee, both coated with a special “naked burn” gel. On top of that, he wore a jumpsuit also treated with the flame-managing gel and a mask over his face. Finally, he wore a fire suit, including gloves and boots. Despite the bulkiness of the gear, Vero’s impressive speed and distance remained remarkable.

Fortunately, Vero had the support of his colleagues and fellow fire professionals at the track, ensuring safety for everyone involved. However, even with the layers of protection, Vero sustained burns on his back and hamstrings. He applied lotion and recovered within a few days.

Vero acknowledges that experiencing pain is part of the risk he takes with his passion for fire-related stunts.

In any case, congratulations to Vero on his remarkable achievements. It’s impressive to have not just one, but two Guinness records related to fire. While we all have different hobbies, some individuals find joy in challenging themselves by incorporating fire into their pursuits.

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