This Finnish Startup Is Launching A New $3,990 Mixed-Reality Headset To Take On Apple And Microsoft

In a leap towards revolutionizing the landscape of enterprise virtual reality, Varjo, the Finnish mixed-reality trailblazer, has unveiled its latest marvel—the XR-4 headset. Priced at $3,990, this cutting-edge creation steps onto the stage, echoing the strides made by other tech giants, placing hefty bets on the transformative power of virtual and augmented reality.

Diverging from consumer-centric norms, Varjo’s XR-4 is not just a headset; it’s a sophisticated tool meticulously crafted for enterprise landscapes. Whether it’s refining the skills of a defense contractor’s pilot in a virtual reality simulation or aiding a surveyor in mapping out expansive construction sites, the XR-4 is tailored for professional prowess.

Boasting twin 4K displays, a 50% wider field of view, and intensified brightness and color depth, the XR-4 is not merely an iteration; it’s a leap forward. Patrick Wyatt, Varjo’s Chief Product Officer, emphasizes the technical nuances, including a screen-per-eye configuration for optimal resolution, a move that not only enhances performance but also contributes to cost efficiency and scalability.

At the heart of XR-4’s allure is its dual 20-megapixel front cameras, facilitating pass-through mixed reality. Users can seamlessly blend the digital realm with their physical surroundings, a feature resonant with trends set by Meta and Apple’s Vision Pro. Imagine stepping into a virtually rendered kitchen, interacting with objects, and feeling the surface—Varjo’s XR-4 makes this immersive experience a reality.

Beyond visuals, the XR-4 incorporates ambient light sensors, advanced lidar for precise 3D laser scanning, and built-in 3D spatial audio with noise-canceling mics and integrated speakers. Navigating the XR-4’s virtual and physical realms is effortless, thanks to inside-out tracking and Varjo’s bespoke controllers.

Varjo’s XR-4 arrives at a time when industry titans Apple and Meta have also entered the mixed-reality arena. While Meta launched the Quest 3 earlier this year, Apple’s Vision Pro, priced at $3,500, is poised to make waves in the market soon.

Varjo’s journey has been fueled by over $160 million in funding, with key backers including Foxconn, EQT, Volvo, and Atomico, underscoring the industry’s confidence in Varjo’s pioneering approach to mixed reality. The company, however, remains discreet about its valuation, leaving the tech world eager to witness the impact of its XR-4 on the enterprise VR landscape.

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