This Finnish Company Has Created A Classic Car That Is Powered By Humans

The new two-seater four-wheeled Kinner is one of the most intriguing velomobiles so far.

It was made by a Finnish guitar-builder and classic-vehicle-restorer Ari Jukka Luomaranta. The name of the vehicles takes after the Finnish term Kinneri, which described velomobiles in the 1940s. These vehicles are basically a kind of quadricycles that enclose the rider within an aerodynamic body.

The prototype that is completed now is 285 cm long (112 in), 100 cm wide (39 in), and has a 220-cm (87-in) wheelbase. This enables the vehicle to be legally categorized as an electrically assisted bicycle in Finland. The salient features of the vehicle include lightweight fast-rolling road bike wheels; a composite chassis with a hinged forward-opening hood for easy access; padded bucket seats; and an airplane-style steering yoke.

The current Kinner prototype is 285 cm long (112 in), 100 cm wide (39 in) and has a 220-cm (87-in) wheelbase, allowing it to be legally classified as an electrically assisted bicycle – in Finland, at least

Luomaranta is yet to decide on what sort of electric-assist motor will be used on the production version. This is the reason the weight of the vehicle is not known yet. The motor will help the vehicle up to cruising speed and after that, it can be switched to human power if preferred. For this reason, he may offer a non-motorized version as well.

There are other features to be incorporated as well. They include an integrated electronics system with a PIN-code-activated anti-theft function; the ability to swap in more robust gravel bike wheels; plus optional side windows, mirrors, and a full LED lighting system. Each one of the composite parts will be made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, or “green bio-based” material.

Luomaranta is accepting €500 (about US$582) reservation deposits at the moment which will go toward the planned €15,000 ($17,448) price. It is speculated that the deliveries will begin in April.

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