This Ferrari Store Has A Fancy Vending Machine Full Of Amazing Diecast Cars

An amazing and unique vending machine has been placed just outside the main Ferrari store in Milan, Italy, which gives out small toy Ferrari cars! This is not just a basic toy car but is pretty detailed to imitate an actual Ferrari car and cost about $27 each, which isn’t too much expensive. But it certainly is a fun way to treat yourself while youre visiting the city which is known for its exquisite fashion.

You can actually chose the size of the car, basically how big of a size you want your toy car to be, and along with it the model of the Ferrari car you want as well. You can chose 488 Pista or an FXX K and can even further chose the color of your own choice.

Once you have made your relevant choices and paid with your card, you just wait and observe the machine to prepare and give you your toy Ferrari, which makes it a really fun and exciting experience!

The store is in a great location near famous places like Piazza del Duomo and Palazza Reale di Milano. Besides the toy cars, they also sell lots of other Ferrari stuff like clothes, shoes, and gifts. If you want to treat yourself more, this is the place to go. When you’re exploring Milan, it’s easy to stop by the Ferrari store and check out all the cool stuff they have.

Compared to other generic souvenirs available in Milan, such as snow globes or trinkets, the diecast Ferrari models from the vending machine stand out as a more prestigious and desirable memento, appealing particularly to supercar enthusiasts. The popularity of this unique vending machine is evident from the numerous videos online showcasing adults gleefully receiving their miniature Ferraris.

For those with deeper pockets and a penchant for larger toys, the possibility of eventually upgrading to a full-size vending machine, like the one in Singapore housing multiple floors of luxury supercars from brands like Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, and Ferrari, presents itself as a tantalizing prospect, albeit at a considerably higher cost than the miniature models.

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