This Famous Fast Food Company Is Replacing Humans With AI At Drive-Thrus

As the world of technology continues to make firsts and the ways of working are changing rapidly, a fast-food company named “Panera Bread” is signaling the possible arrival of introducing artificial intelligence (AI) systems at its drive-thru windows. The technology, if successful, will replace human beings and will be positioned at two upstate New York locations. The company will be starting the testing of this AI system, named “Tori,” this week. However, it has to be noted that “Tori” has been developed by the hospitality technology company “OpenCity”. As already noted, the AI system will be deployed to take orders from customers at its drive-thru locations.

As per the press release, “Tori” has been designed to take orders like a human being. However, the task of receiving customers’ money and handing them their food would be the responsibility of actual human beings. According to the company, “The addition of this technology at the drive-thru will help to cut down on wait times, improve order accuracy, and allow associates to focus on freshly preparing guests’ orders.” Similarly, CNBC says that this is not the first time that Panera has been involved in this technological advancement. It has been making efforts for a long time to make its name in the “world of hospitality AI”.

Along with this, the company has also started gaining ground in the “automatic coffee temperature-monitoring software” in early 2022. This is because it has seen a huge inclination of its customers towards coffee and tea services. The company then finally installed the system known as “CookRight Coffee” in some of Panera’s branches across the cities. However, this usually costs the company “a few hundred dollars” per month. As per the company’s CEO Mike Bell, the system has been developed by the restaurant automation company “Miso Robotics” and excels in monitoring the temperature and volume of the coffee.

On the other hand, McDonald’s has also made its name by implementing “voice recognition software” at its drive-thru locations in Chicago, but unfortunately, it became involved in some legal suits as its system was using the biometrics of the customers without making them aware. All in all, Panera has changed the landscape of drive-thru systems with the help of advanced technology, thus making it a unique experience for customers as well.

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