This Famous Baker Bakes Cakes With Mathematical Precision

Lauren Ko lives in Seattle and is an Instagram-Famous Pie Baker.

Previously, she was an Executive Assistant at Higher Education and got into baking entirely by accident. While surfing the internet back in 2016, Lauren saw a picture of a beautiful pie and thought to herself if she can do something of the same sort.

After taking the challenge to herself and baking her first pie, Lauren never looked back. She did not know that a seemingly insignificant challenge was about to change her life forever. In 2017, she started her Instagram account in under one year of baking pies.

It was not even a year when managing time got a lot complicated, and Lauren had to decide between her Job and her Passion. She knew it was her Passion which needs to be focused and prioritized.

Lauren got to learn baking pies all on her own. In no time, her mesmerizing pies were all over the social application, Instagram. Thanks to the mathematical precision of her pie designs.

“Pies are a warm, traditional, nostalgic kind of food, but to see it done in a modern and unique way is what makes them so appealing,” Lauren Ko told Insider Magazine while explaining the massive success of her geometric pies.

Her pies were all over the internet when she started her Instagram in August 2017. Her first post got around 600 likes, while she only had 200 followers at the time. Food lovers sharing her posts did the rest of the work for Lauren to make her business all flourish. The self-taught baker is an inspiration for all. She boasts at around 330,000 followers on Instagram, inclusive of a lot of celebrities. Quite an achievement I’d say, that too which she never saw coming.

“It’s still been wild, the best part has been meeting creators, artists, and designers and developing relationships with people that I don’t think I’d otherwise have had the opportunity to meet,” said the Geometric Pie Expert. Ko’s focus on making pies is not on ingredients; primarily, it is the designs she focuses on more although they taste heavenly too.

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