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This Extension Keeps Your Privacy Secure By Disguising Your Chrome Tab

We’ve all been there, doing something that we’re not supposed to be doing on our Internet browser and someone walking in. That’s quite a problematic situation to be in, right? Well, say hello to this extension of Google Chrome that allows you to disguise the tab you are on under the name of ‘Google’. The extension is known as the Disguised Tabs.

So, how does it work? All that you have to do is to hit Ctrl+Q and the tab you are on will be moved to another tab and shall be disguised as a Google tab. The extension is new and you can’t really change this shortcut, however we are sure we will be able to do this in the future.

The best advantage that this extension offers? The tab you’re on isn’t closed but rather switched from and disguised as Google. This mean that if you had some work going on in the private tab, it won’t be lost if you’re using Disguised Tabs. As of now, it can’t hide multiple tables but that will probably get fixed as well.

If is a free extension for Google Chrome only and Firefox users will have to rely on Hide Tab for the similar function.