10 Chrome Extensions That Will Fully Customize Your Facebook Account


One of the reasons that make Facebook provide better online social experience is the fact that it allows you to control it. You can govern who sees what details about your profile. The option to cover up the feed and updates from particular people, from the political sites, you can customise all that to your needs and to your mood as well without making more permanent decisions like deleting the person, group or page entirely. However, there is a lot more you can get out of Facebook. Customize your Facebook features just the way you’d like using the following Chrome browser extensions.

1. Flatbook
Credits: Tech Viral

If you are anything like me, who gets bored easily, this Google Chrome Extension will get you a new looking Facebook each time. After you have installed and enabled Flatbook extension, every time you open Facebook, the extension will show Facebook in new designs. The texts and panel styles have a new look along with freedom from ads, and more.

2. Facebook Chat Privacy
Credits: Tech Viral

One of the ways our communication can be less fun is by pre-confirmations, along with updates that we have or haven’t checked our messages and if we are typing the message or not. Check messages and reply at a time which suit you, without any updates sent to the person in a chat with using Facebook Chat Privacy extension in your Google Chrome.

3. Social Fixer
Credits: Tech Viral

Remember that personal-comic your friend shared with you on your Facebook and you cannot find it now? This extension helps you to browse through posts from the timeline by simply searching for its keywords in addition to image-zooming automatically by hovering the cursor over the image. It also plays animated GIFs and text changing options, among others.

4. Rather
Credits: Tech Viral

If it bothers you to see the similar kind of posts repeatedly in your feed yet, you do not want to block that page or group because other people share useful posts. This Google Chrome extension would help you with customizing the posts shown in your feed by blocking content from a specific keyword yet continue to show the posts from other people in that group or page. You can benefit from this great tool by installing ‘Rather’ Google Chrome Extension.

5. Friends Feed
Credits: Tech Viral

Enjoy this Facebook extension that will help you to customize the way you view updates from your buddies. Get rid of the notifications from friends’ activities that have nothing to do with you. Just install and enable Friends Feed and voila.

6. Better Facebook for Chrome
Credits: Tech Viral

This Google Chrome Extension enhances your Facebook experience by customizing the layout and the functionality of the Facebook. The extension will keep your application current and updated.

7. Toolkit For Facebook
Credits: Tech Viral

This extension is part of the Social Toolkit which is a collection of Facebook automation tool. The aim of these tools is to save time and overall improve your experience with Facebook. It allows you to unlike all FB pages and also to post on your page, you can delete all comments and like all comments among others.

8. Photo Zoom
Credits: Tech Viral

This lightweight extension will integrate with Facebook directly with the aim to see the larger Album images, Profile pictures, and others by simply hovering the cursor over a picture.

9. Ponyhoof
Credits: Tech Viral

The entire look of your Facebook interface can be changed using Ponyhoof. The Ponyhoof changes the interface with colorful cartoon characters. It features the My Little Pony from the entertainment franchise developed by Hasbro.

10. F.B. Purity
Credits: Tech Viral

Fluff Busting Purity helps you clean and customize Facebook. There are innumerable features in this Google Chrome Extension to discard the junk and clutter on your Facebook. It can hide the Related post/ Suggested Post/ Upcoming Events/ Sponsored Stories/ Sponsored Posts/Games played by your Friends/ Games you may like, etc.

Enjoy your Facebook experience with these browser extensions that customize your application to be used with ease and exactly like you desire.

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