This Ex-Tesla Executive Has Created A 100% Electric Boat With A 100-Mile Range

Embarking on a visionary journey across open waters, the Blue Innovations Group, led by former Tesla executive John Vo, has unveiled the R30 electric boat—a game-changer in the world of luxury boating.

Founder and CEO John Vo proudly introduces the R30, emphatically stating, “The R30 was designed from scratch. We threw out the playbook most boatbuilders follow because most boats look the same if you squint your eyes at a boat show. The R in R30 stands for Revolution; we decided to offer something radically different, radically better.”

This 30-foot marvel boasts a 10-foot beam, accommodating up to 12 people in a half-walkaround configuration. With a top speed of 45 mph, dual inboard motors, and a 2.7-kW solar canopy, the R30 redefines sustainable luxury on the open seas, powered by a 221-kWh battery for an emissions-free voyage.

At the heart of this aquatic revolution lies the R30 Helm—an intuitive cockpit featuring yoke steering, an instrument cluster, chart plotter, and media center, ensuring robust handling and a sense of control.

Elevating the experience is the Solar Canopy, an expandable solar array providing shade, comfort, and contributing to the boat’s power generation. The versatile R30 Cabin adapts to various needs, serving as an office, entertainment room, or a climate-controlled overnight space, ensuring the R30 is more than just a boat—it’s a personalized haven on water.

Ocean Terraces strategically designed for optimal deck space offer a unique feature, while the Kitchenette, equipped with a fridge, sink, and cooktop, enhances culinary experiences at sea.

The R30’s powerhouse is a state-of-the-art 221-kWh battery, eliminating engine noise, fumes, and fuel weights, delivering a smooth, exhilarating ride into the future of boating.

Open for reservations, the R30 requires a $1,000 deposit, with a final price of $300,000. Deliveries are set to commence from Q3 2024.

In essence, the R30 is not merely a vessel; it symbolizes a revolutionary leap forward in the boating industry, blending luxury, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology to offer enthusiasts an unparalleled escape into the boundless world of leisure and possibilities.

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