This eVTOL That Can Fly Like Superman Has Completed Its First Test Flight

Quite like superman in terms of flight, a VTOL (Vertical take-off and Landing) based vehicle, was made to undergo its first test flight and it was concluded that everything was in working order. It takes off vertically and then moves horizontally. Its flight can be viewed here.

Contributions towards such a vehicle were made by a Tacoma-based company, Zeva Aero, a company that is focusing on the deliverables of such vehicles that are with Zero emissions, vertical takeoffs, and landing within a range of 50 miles. So one such achievement is this air Vehicle:  eVTOL. Zeva Aero was looking to make vertical take-offs and landing vehicles for a single pilot and reached a milestone as its full-scale aircraft is done with its test flight. This was mentioned by the company Zero Aero in its press release.

Zeva Aero based eVtol

The company has mentioned that they have expanded their working circle and they have covered many electric VTOL(eVTOL). Some of them are aimed to be air taxis, moving people from one point to another point with respect to both inter-city and intra-city traversals. Thus Zeva’s Zero is working on offering this service on a highly personalized basis, thus providing an individual using it, the freedom from aircraft’s pilots to chauffeur them.

As far as the construction of such a vehicle is concerned, the press release has mentioned that the  Company displayed its fully functional protoype in November last year, and within such a  short duration company has devoted a lot that it made first untethered flight test. This test comprised of four flights including controlled hovering and vertical climb maneuvers in a limited way.

Appearance of eVTOL

This eVTOL seems like a man-sized satellite dish. Once it completes its vertical flight, it is made to move down horizontally. The proposed range is limited to 50 miles and speeds up at 160mph. These credentials show that such vehicles are designed for urban areas. According to the Press Release, further tests including hovering tests will also be conducted by the company in the future in order to move towards achieving transition flight soon after. It is also predicted that during the spring season of this year, it will also be accepting the orders for the Zero with a 50,000 USD deposit.

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