This European Flying Car Tech Has Been Sold To China

The Slovakian business KleinVision has formally finalized a deal that gives a Chinese counterpart a building license for its AirCar. Following undisclosed payment terms, Hebei Jianxin Flying Car Technology Company Limited obtained the permit to manufacture the AirCar within a designated geographic area.

As a result of this arrangement, the Chinese company will have the sole right to develop and market certified flying cars in the designated area using KleinVision’s cutting-edge technology.

“We are pleased to announce the sale of the license for our certified flying car technology to the esteemed Chinese company,” stated Stefan Klein, Chairman of the Board at KleinVision. “This partnership represents a significant step in our mission to expand global access to revolutionary mobility solutions and drive progress in the industry,” added Anton Zajac, co-founder at KleinVision.

After purchasing a Slovak aircraft manufacturer, Hebei Jianxin already had its own airfield and flight school, according to Anton Zajac, co-founder of KleinVision.

The AirCar was designed by Professor Stefan Klein, and his firm, KleinVision, is now working on developing it. Even though it’s still in the prototype stage, the AirCar has a fixed propeller, a 160 HP BMW engine, and even a ballistic parachute.

It takes only minutes to change from a road car to a flying car configuration. Following 70 hours of flight testing, Slovakian authorities have approved the AirCar for takeoff in early 2022.

According to the BBC, China, which spearheaded the EV revolution, may now try to take the lead in the world’s aviation transportation options. To do this, Autoflight carried out a test flight of a drone that could carry passengers from Shenzhen to Zhuhai last month with success. The airplane covered the three-hour car ride in twenty minutes, but no passengers were on board.

The public’s acceptance of personal transportation, infrastructure, and regulations remain significant barriers to the widespread use of flying automobiles. However, aviation specialist Steve Wright thinks this is a transitory situation.

He told the BBC that “this new mode of transportation is a great equalizer.”

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