This Environmental Group Has Filed Criminal Charges Against Tesla For Water Pollution


A German environmentalist group has filed criminal charges against Tesla, accusing the company of suspected water pollution and a possible environmental crime at its Gigafactory in Berlin. The Association for Nature and Landscape in Brandenburg has filed three complaints against Tesla, including illegal ramming of 104 piles and starting a work shuttle station before obtaining necessary construction permits.

The accusations come as the latest in a long-running conflict between Tesla and environmentalists who have opposed the construction of the carmaker’s factory since the beginning. Last year, local residents raised more than 400 objections to the construction, accusing the company of needless deforestation and “stealing our water.”

The main concern raised by the environmentalist group is the risk of water contamination. They argue that the penetration of the water table by the illegally rammed piles could contaminate the groundwater and thereby the drinking water in the area. This is a serious accusation that could have significant implications for the health and well-being of local residents.

While it is unclear if these charges will amount to anything, given Tesla’s strong relationship with local politicians, it is essential to take them seriously. The company must take responsibility for its actions and work to address any concerns raised by environmentalists and the local community.

In conclusion, environmental protection is essential, and companies must be held accountable for any actions that put the environment and public health at risk. While Tesla has made significant contributions to clean energy, it must also ensure that its operations do not harm the environment. It is vital to strike a balance between progress and protecting the environment, and companies must play their part in achieving this balance.


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